The world needs a different kind of engineer these days.

"Today, the world needs engineers who have an entrepreneurialOlinCampus
spirit and an entrepreneurial vision to create solutions for an exponentially changing world.  The world needs engineers who not only solve problems brilliantly, but also are able to collaborate with fellow scientists around the globe.  The world needs engineers unafraid to explore.  Engineers uniquely programmed to visualize possibility, and uniquely talented to make possibilities real.  The world needs Olin engineers.

At Olin, we believe that the science of engineering isn’t the main thing.  We believe that the ability to create ideas is the main thing; this is why we built Olin College from the ground up to give very gifted people a more inspiring environment to explore their talents.  At Olin, we look for faculty and students who are able to connect with human needs, imagine solutions, and make them real.  We look for students who can visualize, draw, design, and build things that can help the world.  Tuberculosis testers. Solar-powered trash compactors.  Meditation chairs.  At Olin, professors with different expertise and viewpoints share the responsibility of helping you develop projects within an integrated framework of courses.  By exposing you to multidimensional thinking at Olin, we help you learn to solve problems in multidimensional ways.  By focusing on innovation, we’re transforming engineering and other professions as well. [...]

The end result? An engineering education that’s fun.  The freedom to think, design, create, and contribute is fun.

[...] A traditional engineering education is fine if you have a traditional brain.  We’re educating a different kind of engineering student here.  At Olin, we believe that the innovators of the future will be versatile, imaginative problem solvers who see challenges from multiple perspectives.  We ground our curriculum in a rigorous technical education, but also incorporate liberal arts, entrepreneurship, and the art of design.  We want to produce graduates who have the creativity to imagine new solutions, the technical ability to design those solutions, and the savvy to bring them to the marketplace.  The truth is, we’re not just educating engineers here (although we expect to produce many great ones); we’re educating people—thinkers and leaders who will be able to make a positive difference in the world, whatever field they choose."

-Olin College Prospectus 2008


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