>>About Me

"I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes that makes planning my day difficult."
-E.B. White






It all started when I was about 10 years old.  My hamster took an untimely fall and was paralyzed from the waist down, but I could not sit by and let him die as my parents instructed.  I was well versed at making race cars with my k’nex set and decided to apply the technology that I had available to create a wheeled harness for him to move around with.  He not only lived for much longer, but I eventually got a design that enabled him to crawl through the tubes of his cage.  Growing up in the Iowa countryside I flourished in the MacGyver framework of problems solving—using only what I had, as little as it may be as a 10 year old.

My education at Olin has continued in this framework. "Olin's aim is to flip over the traditional 'theory first, practice later' model and make students plunge into hands-on engineering projects starting on day one. Instead of theory-heavy lectures, segregated disciplines, and individual efforts, Olin champions design exercises, interdisciplinary studies, and teamwork [IEEE]." While at Olin, I have worked on projects including the first continuous spine robotic snake, endoscopic medical device design, learning the nuances of living with a bunch of guys, and managing to keep my beta fish alive.  Simultaneously, I attended Babson College where I earned my MS in Management/Entrepreneurship and focused on the business side of product development and how to help make my ideas become reality including fully fleshed business plans for ideas that I have. 

Post-graduation, I took a “gap-year” which has brought me around the world on various projects involving user research and design for treadle pumps in Ethiopia, developing technical strategy for electric- and hybrid-automotive system design for a major German OEM, and developing a device to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission through breastfeeding. I am a MacGyver style engineer with a love of incorporating product strategy and user-based design into my work.  I am interested in working on interdisciplinary product development that is focused on social innovation. (Any leads much appreciated!)

When you get down to it, I love the simple things in life...the growl of a well-tuned engine, picking wildflowers, listening to that perfect song, ma and pa restaurants, nice cars, beautiful landscapes, climbing anything that looks fun and challenging, quality time in the machine shop or garage, long rides on a nice day with the windows down, and yes...long walks on the beach.